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Experience nature

Experience the Zillertal mountains in a fascinating way! One of our state-certified ski instructors will show you the most beautiful ski tours in our region! As a risk manager, our guide ensures that safety comes first! Our local, highly trained ski instructors have years of experience and expert knowledge of our area and always choose the best and safest tours for you. 

Our services are not limited to just guiding, but your tour day will also include technique tips, avalanche awareness info, ascent & descent techniques, and avalanche transceiver training. This will be a day you won't forget! Whether a ruggedly romantic setting in rustic pasture areas or among steep rock walls, the Zillertal will make the pulse of every ski tourer race faster with excitement. Awaiting you after an exhausting climb is the well-deserved enjoyment of skiing downhill! 

Ski touring levels

If you have safely mastered parallel turns on red slopes and would like to give ski touring a try, you have come to the right place!

If you have already been on a ski tour and would like to improve your ascent and descent technique while enjoying a great tour with beautiful ski runs, you are in the best hands in this level! 

If you are an experienced ski tourer and would like to explore the large summits in our region, then you will get your money's worth with the ski touring experts!  

You will be on cloud 9 with a few exceptional specials. Experience one of the most wonderful days on skis on one of our popular special tours.

Ski area tour from Tux to Aschau: from the Lämmerbichl ski area, the tour will take you via two short climbs (the Rastkogel and Sidanjoch) and two sensational, long ski runs into the Hochfügen/Kaltenbach ski area. Here, there is an opportunity to make your way up the Wimmbachkopf with the lift then enjoy 1,900 vertical meters of pure downhill fun to Aschau. This is a very rewarding tour, especially when it comes to downhill runs. An advanced ski touring level is required! 

Sunrise / sunset ski tour: have you always wanted to experience the sunrise (or sunset) on a summit and then carve down the slopes in the glistening snow in the first or last light of day? With our sunrise ski tour, we will start out with headlamps well before daybreak so as to reach the summit by sunrise. Here, you can enjoy the warm morning sun with a re-energizing breakfast and then leave the first tracks in the snow as you ski back down. For the sunset ski tour, we will start in the afternoon and reach the summit before sunset. Here, we will await the spectacle of sunset and then ski back down into the valley in the last light of day. An advanced ski touring level is required! 

Included services

Tour suggestions

Easy tours

Easy tour | 100 vertical meters | ca. 1 hr. ascent

Easy tour | 300 vertical meters | ca. 1.5 hr. ascent

Easy tour | 550 vertical meters | ca. 2 hr. ascent

Easy tour | 600 vertical meters | ca. 2 hr. ascent

Intermediate tours

Intermediate tour | 800 vertical meters | ca. 3 hr. ascent

Intermediate tour | 900 vertical meters | ca. 3.5 hr. ascent

Intermediate tour | 1000 vertical meters | ca. 4 hr. ascent

Intermediate tour | 1,100 vertical meters | ca. 4 hr. ascent

High alpine tours

High alpine tour | 550 vertical meters | ca. 2 hr. ascent

High alpine tour | 1,358 vertical meters | ca. 5 hr. ascent

High alpine tour | 1,750 vertical meters | ca. 6 hr. ascent

Our prices

Ski Touring | 1-2 people
1 day € 450

Ski Touring | from 3 people
1 day € 150 per person